The Best Way To Buy Cryptocurrency For Newbies

Currently, electronic money has become very popular in the world of digital currency, in each of us, everyone starts to invest in cryptocurrencies in a smart way to make a profit, so you know how to buy and sell. sell it in the best way to avoid risk to your assets or wallet, with investing in cryptocurrencies there are always risks so you need to trade smartly and not be fooled by others. deceive

However, to get a lot of experience, we need to learn a lot to have more experience, buying and holding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies requires a deeper understanding of the processes in which we play cryptocurrency. Try related tools. first of all you need an online trading account. Since there is no bank involved, storing and keeping cryptocurrencies safe for your cash flow in a way that is not taken by others

Method 1: Buy and sell bitcoin on Binance exchange
Binance exchange is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. There are many reasons SHOULD trade at this exchange: cheapest transaction fees, reputation where many users trust, many coin pairs to make trading easier for everyone to choose,,… and constantly growing. stronger.

Furthermore, we need to have a P2P trading method on the Binance exchange that is also Free to Trade. Pay only the transfer fee to the merchant, no transaction fee to the Binance exchange. So you need to learn more knowledge to optimize your ability and know how to use it better and easier for later.

Binance exchange login link: HERE
Step 1: Log in to the link above to create an account, verify and enable 2FA security on it as well as kcy to authenticate and verify identity

Important note:
After logging into your account, please click this link on your web browser. Because of using spam links to create an account, it can easily lead to the account being hacked and unsafe. So,
Store your backup recovery code somewhere you trust most. This code is used to recover your Binance account.
DO NOT share your password, backup recovery code, etc. with anyone
A notebook can be used to store confidential information and keep it in a safe place where it can be found when needed.
DO NOT save by taking a screenshot of the phone screen because if you lose your phone, it will be considered me.
In addition to the account verification step, you SHOULD turn on your own 2FA security (via google authenticator) to increase the safety of your account.
Step 2: Buy and sell Bitcoin by P2P transaction
After step 1, select Buy Crypto VND => P2P transaction. Currently, for P2P trading, Binance supports buying and selling 7 virtual currencies: Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), Binance USD (BUSD), Binance coin (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), DAI (DAI) .

Published on: 3/25/22, 2:21 PM